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Allow us to pamper you with culinary delights

Fine cuisine at German Castles

Whether you're out for something classical or extravagant, a regional buffet or candlelight dinner, at German Castles by Ringhotels even the most pampered of palates will be delighted by surprising twists on local specialities! Your hosts pride themselves on refining regional specialities and finding creative new ways to combine local ingredients. At the Ringhotel Adler in Asperg, for example, Swabian tapas will tickle your taste buds. Many of our German Castle hotels had their roots as gastronomy outlets. Thus, at our Ringhotel Zum Roten Bären in Freiburg, you will be served at Germany's oldest inn. All your hosts maintain close relationships with the best local food suppliers. Some even procure game from their own hunting grounds.

Experience culinary with all your senses at the Ringhotel Aquarium Boddenberg in Friedrichstadt, in Schleswig-Holstein Seasonal high-quality dishes in the Ringhotel Adler in Asperg/Ludwigsburg, 4 stars hotel close to Stuttgart Good food in Kiel: Ringhotel Birke in Kiel, 4-stars superior hotel close to the Baltic Sea

Nostalgic ambience and service fit for a king

What is it that makes your holiday experience so unforgettable? Perhaps it's the combination of centuries old masonry with tasteful service and modern amenities. In the German Castles hotels, you can travel back in time to the middle ages without giving up on any modern comforts. Admire the breath taking view from the Kaiserterrasse terrace at the Ringhotel Schloss Tangermünde or treat yourself to a glass or two of beautiful, full-bodied wines in our vaulted cellar. At the Ringhotel Lutherhotel Eisenacher Hof, feast like they did in olden time at Lutherschmauss, and enjoy the merry melodies, jesters and bards.

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